Younger brother of Oroku Nagi, the top assassin for the foot clan. Sworn enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, their master Splinter, and Hamato Yoshi when very young, his brother was killed at the hand of his rival, Hamato Yoshi. At Nagi's funeral, a very angry seven year old Saki swore to one day destroy the man who killed his brother. Seeing this, the foot clan took Saki under their wing, and trained him in the ways of ninjitsu. by the time he was sixteen, he had surpassed all of his masters, and had taken his older brother's place as the top assassin in the foot.

Seeing the pure hatered in his eyes, the foot felt that he would be better suited to establishing a new branch of the clan in New York City. This was the moment Saki had been wating for, as not only will he have a position of incredible power, but now he can hunt down and kill the murderer of his brother, Hamato Yoshi, who had settled down in New York City with his wife Teng Shen.

Saki (now called "The Shredder") had spent five long years forming his empire, and tracking down the dishonorable Yoshi. one day, in late September, Yoshi returned to his house from a long day of work to find the place in shambles, and his wife Shen dead on the floor. Looking to his right, he saw a man dressed in what looked like a metal shogun helmet, and a stealth suit fitted with beautifully sharp metal blades.

"Who are you?" asked Yoshi.
The Shredder replied, "I am Oroku Saki."

"Oh no..." were the last words spoken by Yoshi before his throat was cut.

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