The Original Media for Gamers network launched on February 1st, 2010 as the long planned successor to WoW Radio, the most successful live online gaming radio network of all time. OMFG began with 12 live radio programs broadcasting throughout the week with the intention of providing information and entertainment to gamers, geeks, nerds, technophiles, and internet junkies like ourselves.

Whether it is live, or through a podcasted archive, OMFG has thousands of listeners each week. OMFG will soon include media in all forms, such as web cartoons, blogs, comics, and live video game commentaries, all produced by the most talented group of radio personalities, artists, writers, actors, animators, and commentators on the web.

Original Media For Gamers was named after the famous internet meme/acronym OMFG.

Original Media For Gamers can be found at the URL

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