Oingo Boingo's first album, released in 1981 on A&M Records (catalogue number 3250). Though the music has a party·ish 80s feel to it, Danny Elfman's manner of singing and some of the lyrics lead me to believe he was somewhat angry during its recording (with lyrics like "It's the 80s idiot!" combining the anger and style). The album has a sort of unpolished feel compared to other Oingo Boingo releases, which isn't surprising considering this was the band's first full length production as a band rather than the avant-garde performance group The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. All the songs were written by Elfman and were produced by Pete Solley with the band. The album is probably best known the title track and "Little Girls." Initially, the album was released in vinyl and audio cassette format. In 1987 A&M reissued the album (and all other O'Boingo albums initially released prior to 1987) on CD. All the reissued versions' liner notes contain the following text:

This Compact Disc's remarkable performance is the result of a unique combination of digital playback with laser optics. For the best results, you should apply the same care in storing and handling the Compact Disc as with conventional records. No further cleaning will be necessary if the Compact Disc is always held by the edges and is replaced in its case directly after playing. Should the Compact Disc become soiled by fingerprints, dust or dirt, it can be wiped (always in a straight line, from center to edge) with a clean and lint-free, soft, dry cloth. Do not use conventional record cleaner on the disc. Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight, heat or humidity for a prolonged period of time.

Band members at the time:

Track list:

  1. Little Girls (3:43)
  2. Perfect System (3:46)
  3. On The Outside (3:51)
  4. Capitalism (3:40)
  5. You Really Got Me (4:37)
    (cover of a song by The Kinks)
  6. Only A Lad (3:57)
  7. What You See (3:55)
  8. Controller (3:26)
  9. Imposter (3:00)
  10. Nasty Habits (4:08)
Total running time: 38:02

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