My boss, Jerry, brought his son Max in to the office today, so Jerry's wife can get a rest and so Jerry can spend more time with Max. Just now I walked to the men's room and Max was standing in front the door out of the office. He had two discarded CDR's and the controller for his dad's radio-controlled car, and he was patiently rubbing the CDR's against the door, one in each hand. I don't know why he was doing that, but he was very serious about it. I stood and watched him, and after a bit he turned around and saw me. Max has been walking for a few weeks now and he can usually stay upright. He walked over to me and held up his hand, so I took his hand and we walked back to his dad's cube together.

Later, I walked by Jerry's cube again, and Max was sitting on the floor in there mauling an electronic clock. I asked him what he was doing, and he looked up at me and babbled: "Glbldl glaah baa ghwhdlh!"

Friends have told me that they envy my carefree bachelor existence, but there are times when the appeal of it escapes me.

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