You'd think New Orleans would be a fairly safe place to live. One More Murder blows that idea right out of the water.

Hosanna, I can't feel a thing at all

Death and dying don't seem to be that tragic anymore, since people have been so desensitized to violence because of how it is portrayed in the movies and on tv.

Plead it to a lesser count ,
D.A. says without a doubt
In 3-5 you're on the streets again

It's just another murder to them lawyers who don't seem too bent on keeping these assholes off the streets.

Saturday night you're going out
Parking lot, a figure come about
feel a piece click against your head
Pleading to his sympathy
'Take the car, I got a family'
You hear a laugh 'It don't mean shit to me'

If it were one of them lawyers held at gunpoint, I bet things would seem a little different. Perhaps they wouldn't be so quick to defend the scum after all.

How's that for mother fucking karmic retribution?

From the album How does your garden grow?
From the band better than ezra.

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