The branch of medicine that deals with cancers or tumours (tumors).

A broad discipline that involves the study of and dealing with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Medical oncologists have three broad areas in which to choose treatment from: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy or a combination thereof. Clinical decision are made depending on the type, stage and extent of spread of the tumour.

Oncology has various subspecialties. On the basis of the type of treatment provided, it is named as follows:

* Radiation oncology: treatment primarily with radiation, a process called radiotherapy.

* Surgical oncology: surgeons who specialize in tumor removal.

* Medical oncology: treatment primarily with anticancer drugs, a process called chemotherapy.

Gynecologic oncology focuses on cancers of the female reproductive system.

Pediatric oncology relates to treatment of childhood cancers.

In veterinary medicine, veterinary oncology is the subspecialty that deals with cancer diagnosis and treatment in animals.

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