Hmm...the title lends itself to self righteous pap, doesn't it?
Luckily, I've never taken myself that seriously. ;)

So here it is, the morning of my 20th Birthday. Some of my friends, upon reaching this age, had big problems with it. The fact that I'm no longer a what? I've been able to smoke, buy pr0n, vote, and die for my country for two years now. I don't get any freebies with this one. (at least when I gained level five I got another Ching!)

So what the hell does this mean to me? As far as I can tell, not a whole lot. I've lived a good life these past ten years. I've gotten considerably more interesting. I've gained and lost enough weight to build a few jessicapierces. This past decade was spent making all the really good friends I've ever had. Figured out the girl thing (er....sort of). My voice changed. I stopped looking at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (cartoon versions) as my idols, and started looking at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (comics versions) as my idols. I developed a taste in music (more advanced than "Goddamn I hate that frickin' Small World song."). Avoided some of the mistakes of my first ten years (like in 4th grade when I stuck my finger in one of the desk holes as a practical joke, and then it actually got stuck, and the teacher spent half an hour getting me unfused from the desk.....). Made some new ones (new resolve for this decade: Avoid being the consensual third wheel. If they need my help to have a relationship, they probably shouldn't be in it to start with). All in all, I'm looking forward to the future.

After all, I'll be dead at 30, right? :)

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