A very controversial new form of Public Service Announcement (PSA) that many US radio stations are using. It contains just enough PSA material to pass muster with the FCC, but also has enough advertising to make it almost as profitable as a regular commercial.

An "On the Air Because They Care" PSA, named after its outro, always starts with a very obvious common sense message and goes on to read a whole lot of advertising copy. Example:

And now, an important message from Pinnacle Wireless. Always remember to fasten your seat belt, and never talk on your wireless phone behind the wheel of your car. It's safe, and it's the law. Pinnacle Wireless in Glen Cove has all of the cellular phone accessories you need to be safe, plus the newest phones and rate plans. They are an official VoiceStream, AT&T Wireless, and Verizon Wireless dealer. Stop by their new location at (address), or give them a call at (phone number). Pinnacle Wireless: On the Air Because They Care.

Of course, this PSA gives just about no information, and also features underwriting for the (fictitious) sponsor. The FCC would rather have PSA's from some place like the Ad Council, which feature no underwriting.

You have the right to be disgusted.

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