Dear MPAA Representative:

As a concerned parent and a member of Americans for Morality in Movies, I am writing to you to protest your PG-13 rating of the film Hero Blood XI: Puddles of Gore. I do not feel that such entertainment is appropriate for impressionable teenagers, and I feel that it should certainly be made off limits for younger children. I was aghast that such a shocking and morally depraved film would be rated anything less strict than NC-17, and by giving the feature a lenient rating you are contributing to the moral decay of this once great nation.

I was particularly shocked by the prominent presence of partial nudity in several portions of the movie. During the mass disembowelment scene, I clearly saw an unclothed female torso among the other, more innocuous body parts. While adults are sufficiently mature to handle sexually-charged imagery, teenagers should not be allowed to view such smut, and any children who might be watching the film with their parents--such as my own were--may be permanently scarred. Additionally, more lewd imagery appeared in the film; as the Princess' brains were being eaten by the zombie-wizard, the camera was positioned in such a way that the viewer could easily see down her dress. Some perverted moviegoers may enjoy this lasciviousness, but those of more sensitive dispositions do not appreciate pornographic content appearing in a film supposedly appropriate for 13 year olds.

As if Hero Blood XI's sexual content were not enough to merit the most strict rating on its own, the film was rife with blaspheming and other profanity. It was not appropriate for the serial ax-murderer to invoke the name of Christ in vain during the puppy dog mutilation segment, and I, for one, am greatly repulsed by this uncalled for and offensive language. I noted several other scenes containing obscene dialog; perhaps the most shocking was the hero stating "s--- happens" as he decapitated the sorcerer's adopted infant. When I view a film with my children, expecting wholesome and family appropriate entertainment, I do not wish to be made uncomfortable by having to explain to my three year old son what "s---" means. You are greatly disrespecting socially upstanding viewers with your PG-13 rating; think of the children!

As should be clear, your organization greatly erred in rating Hero Blood XI: Puddles of Gore as you did. The sexually charged nature of the film and the usage of profanity in its dialog merit no less than a NC-17 rating, and it is a travesty that you should give it less. I hope that you will acknowledge this reality and promptly change its rating; if not, I am prepared to write to my congressman demanding stronger enforcement of morality in entertainment. It is most important to keep our impressionable children morally pure, and ensuring that they will not be able to view this film is a significant step. If you are unable to retroactively change a rating, requiring that the film be edited to remove sexual innuendo and profanity will be acceptable. Please do your duty to provide wholesome family entertainment, free of sex and sacrilege.

Very Truly Yours,

Ezekiel Fuzzbutter

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