The 6th of July and I have seen and spent my memories in a half drunken stupor wondering what it is that I was supposed to be celebrating...

Optimistic and saddend at the same time, I can't help but define my American existence without the use of T.V. commercials and the ending digits of my last bank statement. Blindly facetious with only two speeds, full on and stop.

I have defended this nation in the naive belief that I'll be able to do whatever I want some day...In the belief that someone, somewhere, can sleep better knowing that tomorrow (yes! tomorrow) they'll be able to purchase that brand new refrigerator and bring it home the same day.

Eventually I'll tire of trying to find fault in how sad I should be; therefore, I have no choice but to be happy.

I've brought myself to accepting that NASCAR and Pepsi are the choice of a free nation. Or is it the idea of not doing anything for approximately 2 hours everyday is what binds us together.

No one really knows what anyone else is thinking, but the simple fact that we are all at the same place doing nothing that anyone might think we are doing is the equivalent of freedom? Vauge, ambiguous knowledge...Yeah, this just jumped into the ignorance is bliss phase...The center of true Americana?

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