Named after Antoine Augustin Parmentier, just like about any French dish that involves potatoes.

Do you have eggs, potatoes, salt, oil and a reasonably functional set of hands ? Yes ? Well, rejoice : You can make an Omelette Parmentier.

For a good, fulfilling omelette, 1 potato and 2 eggs per person are just Ok.

First, cut the potatoes in little dice. Fry them in oil (Incidentally, you're actually making Pommes Sautées - the mother of all French Fries types). Add salt.

If you're doing this with a microwave oven (just as I do), I suggest you pre-cook the potatoes before frying them (5 to 6 minutes).

Take the eggs. Mix them until you get a homogenous fluid. Put the pommes sautées in that fluid. Add salt.

Pour the whole stuff in a hot pan and wait. (Alt: pour it in a plate and cook it with the microwave oven). The omelette is ready when it reaches a brownish-to-golden shade of ocre, solidified on the surface, yet juicy inside.

Wizards Only Tip : It's even better with cooked onions.

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