Capital of Washington State. Home to evergreen state college, a lot of local government junk, and for some inexplicable reason, a ton of popular northwest punk and indie rock bands (unwound, beat happening, bikini kill, sleater-kinney) and labels like kill rock stars and k records.

My home. Where i live.

Reminds me of a tropical storm. Elements from the opposite ends of a spectrum thrust together in a confined space. Throwing off some of the elements that make it up, only to pull more locally to make up for the lost. Watch a satellite view of a storm sometime. That's Olympia.

Home of junkies, hippies, hicks, sycophants, liberals, rednecks, crusty-punks, kids, and hipsters. Not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Something of a punk rock cradle. Let's not mention the riot grrrl thing. Features strongly in the evolution of some of the best bands in the last ten years. Seriously, indie rock fanboys move there all the time with no idea what it's actually like.

It's true about the white vinyl belts.

An incubating little island where you can avoid growing up, get hip, get a tattoo, go gay, start a band, make your horrid art, and do other twenty-something-in-the-city-type activities without the pressures and challenges a real city would present.

A small town.

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