A classic diner and breakfast-all-day spot in Alameda, CA, at 1507 Park Street. Occasionally written up in national publications, few spots like Ole's still exist. It's changed hands once or twice in the last few decades, but only within the circle of friends, family, and employees of the original Ole. (that's oh-lee...not oh-lay!) Weekend breakfast and brunch lines are long as everyone comes for the nut waffles, big stacks of pancakes, and old-fashioned biscuits and gravy. There's nothing Californian about this place; your diet won't be attended to here. If you're vegetarian, you'll do okay via the breakfast foods, but forget about everything else. The menu features standbys like pork chops and chili-cheese burgers, and specials like ribs and barbecue. The atmosphere is friendly; decor runs to formica and naugahyde. The waitresses are fun to talk to. There may be kids, but they're usually kept entertained by the crayons someone supplies.

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