A comic strip penned by Dan O'Neil (approximately) from 1963 through 1970. At one time the strip was syndicated to 350 publications.

The strip's main characters were Fred (a bird), Hugh (who is a little crazy) and owns a Norton motorcycle, and numerous other characters ranging from the batwing hamburger snatcher to Abe Lincoln to Jesus.

O'Neil is also known for having co-created Air Pirates funnies which heavily parodied characters owned by Disney. Collections of Odd Bodkins include "Hear the Sound of my Feet Walking Drown the Sound of my Voice Talking and The Collective Unconscience of Odd Bodkins (both out of print, but a re-release is promised); Farewell to the Gipper returned Fred and Hugh into the morass of the Reagan era.

Odd Bodkins provides readers with humor, philosophy, a refreshing degree of surrealism and social commentary. Dan O'Neil continues to pen Odd Bodkins today, see: http://www.oddbodkins.com/

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