Oculophilia refers to those people who are sexually aroused by the eyes of their partner. Many people cite "eyes" as the number one feature they notice about a potential mate; oculophiles go one step further. They are sometimes singularly attracted to a person based on the appearance of that person's eyes.

Whether by color, shape, the presence of glasses, or certain motions (blinking, winking, batting of eyelashes, etc), these people have developed an intense attraction to the eyes. Some call themselves breast people, others leg people, still others ass people. An oculophile is an eye person. They're not alone! It is rumored that Descartes was only attracted to women who squinted. In the most severe cases, an oculophile may practice oculolinctus, or the licking of a partner's eyeball for sexual arousal. More commonly, however, oculophilia centers on the appearance of eyes--almost to the point of fetishism.

Here's an interesting fact I picked up from my Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices: a person's pupils enlarge when they are attracted to someone or something. Today's advertisers capitalize on this basic instinct when photographing models. So, see there? The eyes have it!

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