So for a few months now, I've been getting daily headaches.

I've also been sleeping a lot, feeling weirdly unmotivated and achey, had trouble doing things even when I knew they would be fun, but because all that sounded too much like something worrying, I ignored it. Especially since, categorically speaking, right now is (aside from all the political and global shenanigans) the best time in my life.

So I've been focusing on the headaches.

After several months of downing Tylenol of assorted types, it occurred to me that this may be related to staring at screens all day, and the fact that I haven't had new glasses in two years, so I went to our family eye doc and got my eyes all done up. I've had the new glasses for a couple days as of this writing, and while they make things easier for sure, that hasn't stopped the headaches.

The night before last, I had a headache so bad in the evening that it made sleeping impossible, and I finally bit the bullet and called my doctor. She encouraged me to take Magnesium supplements, prescribed Excedrin for Migraines, ordered some blood work to be done, and prescribed Nortriptyline. If the headaches don't improve in two weeks, I get to have an MRI done.

While I am definitely hoping that all this will clear it up, I noticed when I was filling out the prescription mail order that Nortriptyline, though used to treat chronic headaches, is an antidepressant.

As weird as it sounds, I am actually super thrilled about that.

Unrelated: the power at my house went out briefly the other day during class.

I kinda freaked out a bit, as I've heard horror stories of kids during super terrible and inappropriate stuff when that happens, but when I logged back in, the kid who had been automatically made administrator (thanks Zoom) was cheerfully taking requests from other students to change their names to Halloween related puns.

I love my classes.

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