Today really wasn't so bad! I not only felt useful and productive today, but I'm pretty sure I totally made someone's day!

I felt useful today when I learned how to mark and operate certain functions of a program that I'd since forgotten, and wound up plotting locations, routes, etc. It improved how my unit tracked things, and I was very proud of myself, I hadn't used that program for years! I guess it's like they say, it's "just like riding a bike".

I also felt productive today in that I produced something! I built for myself a small footstool for my office so that I can effectively lean back and relax. It took me 2 or so hours to build the approximately 1' x 1' x 1' stool, and it's not at all aesthetically pleasing, it's not particularly sturdy either, but I built it, I painted it, and I'm going to use it, so I'm proud of the thing, goddamnit!

As far as making someone's day goes, this one is pretty short, and not something people usually do, but here goes. I ate some food at the DFAC and well, it's a totally different thing than what they usually serve. Being the open-minded and curious person that I am, I opted to try this "turkey burger". I was then handed a paper for a survey, which was also unusual behavior for a DFAC worker. I took the great smelling thing back to my office and ate it, it was great! I decided it was actually good enough to call food, so I filled out the survey and thought for a second. I then flipped the survey over and wrote a short review. I walked through the DFAC again and submitted the review, noting "there's a review on the back". I swear, she must have smiled a mile wide, I love making people happy.

That's in summary a good portion of my day, though not all of it, the rest of it was pretty unnoteworthy, but hey, it's life on deployment, what do you expect?

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