My relatives in Volusia county moved the kids up to drier land and then stayed. The hurricane moved a bit further out to sea, so all they got was torrential rain and trees bent at 45 degree angles, which they watched from their porch in flip flops while drinking wine.

Once again the news came out with DIRE WARNINGS - IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE WE WILL NOT BE THERE TO RECOVER YOUR BODIES - and of course, it was a bust. Sure, some people did indeed die, but it wasn't the EPIC CATASTROPHE ZOMG LEAVE RIGHT NOW YOU WERE WARNED situation the news warned us about.

In the Atlanta area: Atlanta motor speedway turned into an open air campground for evacuees. And the hurricane has now hit Tybee Island just off the coast of Savannah, where it's gotten a bit on the hairy side. The fact that Georgia is in the gunsights saw Route 16 open ONLY westbound, with many a car heading for safer areas. 

"They" wonder why people don't leave when ordered to: why people choose to stay behind when the news goes OH MY GOD THE STORM WE HAVE BEEN WARNING YOU ABOUT YOUR ENTIRE LIFE IS GOING TO KILL YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR WIFE, YOUR DOG AND EVEN ALL THE ROACHES IN THE KITCHEN. Because actual footage from when it makes landfall tends to be underwhelming. An occasion to sell plywood for Home Depot and for people to just put their feet up and watch the lightshow.

That's the real problem with ARE YOUR SANDWICHES KILLING YOU? TUNE IN TO FOX 5 AT 6! (answer.... well, no, not really.) IS WATER TOXIC? FIND OUT TONIGHT AT NINE. (answer: if you drink 50 gallons in one sitting, yes). WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE TUNE IN TO THE DEVASTATION. Oh wait it was a damp fizzle.

Because when Katrina hit New Orleans, a lot of people had said "yeah yeah yeah, been there, heard that."

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