Her elbows dig into the knots above my shoulder blades and my face presses into the floor. "Gaahhh!" I cry out through gritted teeth. Her fingers try to unbind my back muscles but she says it feels like pushing into steel. I gasp for air as she repositions her hands and then I just try to relax and focus on the warmth of her pantyless bottom resting on my exposed lower back. Always tense, my shoulders are especially stiff recently. An unpleasant side effect of living with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome yet having a job related to software production, my arms and shoulders have limited my activities for over a decade now. But more often than is good for me, I ignore my body to get things done both at work and at home. This often leaves my patient wife to deal with the physical aftereffects when I get busy. And this is an especially busy month.

If you missed it, I finally managed to accomplish something I have been attempting for a long time. I played a role in having Segnbora-t post her first writeup in four years. For those who don't know, Segnbora-t (the "g" in "Segn" is silent, think "sign bearer") was one of the most prolific noders through e2's first decade. During the last 12 years we have remained friends and penpals even after she stopped posting regularly. Hopefully it will lead to more new writeups, but I'm glad even for this one. The occasion, of course, is her creation of the knit doll for my daughter (posted on her homenode). This is the second item she has knitted for me now, the first being a scarf with my homenode motto emblazoned across it, and she does great work. So if you're looking for crafty Christmas gift ideas you should drop her a message. Maybe we'll get another writeup out of it as well!

The other big news at everything2 for this month is of course Jet-Poop's annual horrorquest. While many different types of quests have come and gone through the years, the horrorquest remains one of the big three (together with the Iron Noder and Tem's very lengthily named SuperMegaNodeFestQuest 2013. Shazam!). This year I actually began working on my entries a few weeks before (to help alleviate the above-mentioned shoulder issues), and kicked off the quest by dropping three writeups into the entries in the first two days. At the very least, I would like to get one or two more submitted before the end of the month. This will probably be challenging now that I am back at work after my little forced unpaid vacation last week. With luck I will be able to put something together for the Piranha movies.

One of the reasons why further entries may be difficult to put out is because I make an effort to watch a long list of horror movies each October (usually starting early in September). Here's what I've seen so far this Halloween season:

  1. Black Death
  2. Hellraiser
  3. Orgy of the Dead
  4. The Mummy (1932)
  5. The Fourth Kind (attempted, anyway)
  6. Paranormal Activity
  7. Lifeforce
  8. Friday Night (2011)
  9. Suspiria

Additionally, I am still working on Ulysses. I did fine until I reached the point where Dedalus expounds on his Shakespeare theory in the library. The only thing that saved me was the entrance of Buck Mulligan and his shenanigans (pun intended). I find Stephen's character to be almost intolerable, at the same time so full of confidence in his own intellectual precociousness and yet so full of doubt in his relationships with others. In more than one way the character is reminiscent of a younger me. I don't really like younger me. At the same time, my affection for Leopold Bloom continues to grow. Moving past the library, reading about Bloom's appetites and the opinions of those around him make me only more sympathetic for his character. But between everything2 and horror movies and enjoying the perfect Fall weather with my daughter, I'm not quite halfway through the book yet.

I hope that tonight you have a chance to make a bowl full of popcorn, crawl under a blanket with someone you love, and watch something scary. In case I don't post again before the end of the month, Happy Halloween!

-- corvus

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