2011-10-30 02:49 UTC

This weekend is the first time the Philly area had measurable snow in October since 1979 and the third time ever since records were taken. It's an interesting experience having snow this early in the season in my area, as we have had seasons when the first snowfall didn't occur until after New Year's Day. This morning it was cold enough outside for me to keep my air conditioner and any fans completely off, but not so cold as to require a heater. My room is 15 °C/59 °F.

I'm still looking into getting a Motorola Charm, a small BlackBerry-style Android phone along with a friend of mine pretty cheaply on eBay for use as a backup in case either my BlackBerry 9900 has a problem or if I eventually will end up having to switch to the Android smartphone platform.

I'm still wondering about cross-dressing and how best to approach putting together a nice outfit, as well as other appropriate physical things that won't make me look too feminine for me to be comfortable with.

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