We have a family friend who's a very famous Russian actress. She once said "I can't act, I can only do me".

I can relate.

I never had much of a choice really, had to do me. I never had any idols or people I looked up to, so I wasn't trying to emulate anyone. I haven't really had friends since primary school, so I didn't need to impress anyone or try to be someone I wasn't. I trudged along, mostly unaffected by other people and society and developed my own views on everything (as much as that's possible, I intentionally stayed away from philosophy books, so they wouldn't cloud the development of my own view on life). That's not to say I wasn't affected by everyone and everything around me, or that I did a good job, I was a twat all on my own, but I digress, I'm not sure where I was going with this, but it seemed appropriate.

Not all is well in the Stasik household.
We are going back to Melbourne for Christmas holidays and we were thinking about baptising Smooshface. Firstly, wifey took offence that Russian Orthodox church requires the child to have a Christian name, until she realised that Catholics do too. Then, it turned out that the godmother has to be Russian Orthodox (which is kind of obvious in hindsight) and we were both hoping to have one of her friends as a godmother (who's really nice and perfect for the job, but not Orthodox). Now, I'm pretty anti-religious, so I'm not big on this baptism thing to begin with, but it turns out, I'm waaaay more anti-Catholic. We could baptise Smooshface as Catholic, and have the godparents that we were hoping for, but I'm dead set against it. I absolutely loathe and despise the Catholic church, I think it's bad for humanity and for the human spirit. It's the most hypocritical organisation in the world and I just about hate it, it's borderline evil in my eyes.

Am I being a hypocrite? Maybe, but I feel like I'd be more of a hypocrite if I baptise Smooshface as a Catholic, so the best I could do was say that wifey can do what she wants, but without my approval. She mostly wants to baptise to please her parents (and partially mine), so I'm not exactly sympathetic.

I'm not sure whether the church needs father's permission, but wifey doesn't want it that way anyway. We could baptise as a Russian Orthodox, but we don't really have anyone who we want as a godmother and our strong preference is for the godmother that we picked, so we're at an impasse.

On a positive note, my car has a full tank of gas!! I will try to fill it up every payday and keep it that way, instead of waiting for it to get past the red and fill up $20 at time.

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