Yesterday we walked on North Beach.

It is sunny and 60, one of those fall days where we all go outside because the rain and dark are here and there won't be many more of the sun days for a long time.

There are people wandering the beach, couples, families, a large bulldog with his people and he is wearing a Seahawks shirt. Friendly, though he objects to cameras.

The sun is low enough that even at 1:00 pm, the bluff shades the beach. We walk for a bit and then head back, wanting to walk in the sun.

We stop for a snack. The tide is high, will turn soon. The tangle of kelp is quite a ways out. Great blue herons perch on the kelp and fish. We hear the pteradactyl prehistoric call and can see them.

I want to see a pod of orcas. They come to Port Townsend Bay sometimes, and certainly the sound.

Instead, we hear eagles. We both turn.

There is a pair in the top of an evergreen above the beach. The bluff is low here, so we are in the sun. The eagles are too. They look like lovers, snugged up close, and turning their heads. Enjoying the sun and making comments about the people going by as we are commenting about them.

My camera battery is dead but my friends is working AND he has his 600x zoom. He heads down the beach and takes lots of photos, as I make the next sandwich. Ooooo, jealous, those should be fabulous. I point the eagles out to everyone who walks by.

And we head back. Thank you, eagles!

Orcas sometime....

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