I am in Denmark, an exchange student. It is the day before we fly home. I have to pack. I keep throwing things on a pile. I need to reduce it to a suitcase, a carry on, and a box. I keep going to work on it and getting interrupted by a party. They are having a going away party. Drinking.

I am stupid to have piled the stuff in the main room. There is another exchange student, she is organized and all packed. I try to start carrying the stuff to my room. I keep getting interrupted. Finally I am so tired that I just give up, go to sleep.

We are rushed into a van the next day. "We packed your stuff," they reassure me, laughing. I am searching my purse. Where is the plane ticket? Not in my purse. I start searching other bags. They have packed my stuff but it's a jumble of bag and boxes and containers: nothing that will be allowed on the plane. I search a daypack and find my ticket. Passport, I need that next. I am panicked, afraid it is back at the house.

"Is there a hotel on the ticket?"

I look. "Yes." The other student and I could have gone by bus the day before and stayed in the hotel. But my exchange family wanted to drive us. Across the country. There is some discussion about whether a refund can be had for the hotel room we didn't use. I am pulling things out of containers and start a pile. Small children's toys, new, they can give them away. Why do I have those? Some shelves were put together and things placed on them. So I can't take the shelves, there isn't time to take them apart. We stop and I panic again, but this is a rest stop, not the airport.

Find the passport. All I need to get on the plane is the ticket and passport, the rest can be let go...

I wake up.

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