I have the day off. Yesterday was tough, but there were some highlights. I worked at a different store than the one I am normally at to try and help out a team whose manager got married. The guy I met seemed nice enough, the store was really dirty so one of the things I did was to start cleaning it. After going around and removing quite a bit of grime I noticed that my sweater had several blackish gray-yellow streaks. That was upsetting, but I tried not to worry about it since there wasn't really anything I could do about it. At the store where I normally work we listen to bubble gum pop, and it doesn't really bother me. We play the sports channel although there was one day when a guy switched over to the weather so we could follow Hurricane Michael. Another time a guy put on a movie he liked, and that was fine with me too. At this store the guy I was working with put on The Office.

Maybe this is something I should be able to follow and understand, but I do not get this show. My youngest daughter is a devotee, I've seen several episodes now, and it could be that I am not their target audience, but the show was playing and for some reason that made work just dreadful to me. The other guy turned his back to the screen, sat at a table, and watched his phone. I couldn't get on the computer to do one set of trainings, sometimes trying a different browser will help, but this time nothing did. I was tired, lonely, frustrated, and wondering if once again I took a job I shouldn't have which was really depressing. Finally I asked him if he wanted me to go. I told him I was fine with staying, but it was ludicrous to have two of us standing around. He told me he couldn't make that decision and had me reach out to my manager who said he didn't care, but then asked about the trainings.

I ended up staying, it ended up being okay, but I drove home wondering if I had made a huge mistake. I stayed up later than I wanted to and I can't even explain why other than I was probably wound up from work. Since I lost my insurance I have this paperwork to fill out to determine if I will still qualify, I was in tears on the phone with my friend who said that she would go with me to drop off this paperwork that is due today. Because I had my car fixed, I didn't have the key to my mailbox, and then I procrastinated which is on me. My intention was to take it in on Friday, but that was the day I overslept, and it completely slipped my mind. I do not want to go back to that place, but when I called my friend she suggested calling to give them a heads up which is what I ended up doing. Needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyways, I was super nervous about calling, but it ended up being okay, and I was even able to chat for a few minutes with a former co-worker.

Working at a different store and being forced to face my former employer has really driven home how fortunate I am to work where I do. To be able to have a group of people who are generally supportive, respectful, funny, intelligent, usually engaging, and keep it real is refreshing. I'm scared, nervous, fretful, insecure, and uncertain, but I feel as if I am here for a reason, and maybe it is just to help people because I can. I gave that woman some really solid advice, I went above and beyond, recognized the problem, and took the necessary steps to make sure that this old man who can't remember things will never have to worry about his phone not having service ever again. I could have tried to sell them other products, they might be able to save a couple of bucks by going on a different plan since he is a veteran, but I explained my reasons for recommending the plan he has with the autopay option because I would do that for my dad if he was still alive.

I have received over a thousand paychecks in my lifetime. It sounds incredible when I state it that way. I've gotten a lot of hugs too. To have that woman go from being unbearably frustrated with me and the situation to receiving a hug from her was huge. That is what true customer service is to me. I could have shooed them on their way, I could have waited for the other guy to finish with his guest, I could have shut down and stopped trying to find solutions, but I was persistant, compassionate, did not take her anger and other turbulent emotions personally, and that allowed someone else to make money for the company which helps pay my salaray so it was a financial loss for me, but ended up being a net emotional gain, and I guess there does come a time when bills need to be paid, but payment in sincere hugs seems like it should count for something too. We saved a customer, I feel good, she does, the old man does, and in the end, that's what matters to me.



I had a weird time at the whorehouse today (which is what I call the place I go to pay for sex with women kinda a term of affection) which I cannot get my finger wrapped around my head about. This impactful thing that impacted my life in impactful ways was when I chose my lady friend from a selection made available to me (being of sound mind and body) it seemed the pickings were thin. I am not sure if you understand what slim pickings are but I will explain that it is when the pickings appear to be very thin. Most of them looked like they belonged in the work camps I have written proposals about and mailed to President Trump (enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope or SASE as we call it in the world of professional businessmen). This was depressing because they needed to be forced into backbreaking work not being on their backs for businessmen. They were not attractive in any realistic way and they seemed to like putting push-pins (which is what I call those pins you push into corkboards) in their arms repeatedly (also disappointing and a reason for extra-long shifts in the work camp to straighten their narrow asses out!)

I wanted to turn off the lights so I didn't have to look at her or what seemed to be a preference for allowing spoiled green and yellow jello (a name brand product) to leak out of her vagina (affectionate term for pussy). She asked if I was nervous and if I wanted something called "gentle and soothing conversation." Not knowing what the fuck that was, I walked out of there after pushing an empty prop dresser out of the way for dramatic effect (doing something that will effect people dramatically).

They banned me so I am looking for a new whorehouse. I may have to venture outside my comfort zone (which is also my kill zone when I take "hostages" to "torture," "maim," and eventually kill). With Halloween coming up I look forward to continuing my quest this year as I do regular reporting from my home that doubles as the brain center of my efforts to take over my neighborhood through the use of eminent domain which includes an amendment that allows you to use extreme prejudice when exercising it.

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