Ah huh. Another friggin' daylog from waverider37 about cricket. Wonderful. To those who say that upon reading these daylogs, I must point out that I only record the most important matches for posterity. Read them if you want, downvote them if you must, but please let me keep my memories. I apologise to everyone who reads these daylogs without thinking that, I only direct this at the people who genuinely do hate these, and read them just to poke shit at me. (You know who you are.)

...so I said to the guys at the end of last season that I wouldn't be available until after my exams finish. Unfortunately, often we're quite short for numbers at the beginning of the year, so they roped me into a B grade match against Chalambar. Ooh, I've been waiting to face some of the dickheads I know from school. Problem is, when I rock up to the cricket ground, instead of the five or six I'm expecting, there's only two. Bugga. Looks like I'll have to skittle them both and be satisfied with that.

I haven't picked up a cricket bat since July, and a cricket ball since February. Yea. That was when I bowled some damn fine bowling. If I do say so myself. So I spent the first half hour just bowling in the nets. Nothing else. Well, a teammate came and hit a few back about halfway through, so my efficiency increased. Soon it was 1 o'clock, the last few blokes rocked up, and I was put in at first drop. That's third on the list. You're supposed to send two blokes who can stay in for a long time to open, then your best batsmen in after that, at first and second drop. That's how desperate we were: I was first drop.

I went out within three overs, but not before: a) I blocked out at least 8 balls, which I was happy with; b) scored two runs off a cheeky edge through the slips, and c) been hit on the helmet by a vicious bouncer. The umpire and players from the other side were fussing over me, asking me if I wanted to retire hurt and come back on next wicket, but I just wanted to play the damn game. I went out five balls later but my headache had cleared by then. (By the way, the only thing I was worried about were my sunglasses. I couldn't care about my head, I saw no blood so I assumed it was OK.) I also faced the two opening bowlers - by definition, the fastest ones, and the ones who can make the ball move the most - but one of them was spraying them everywhere and the other was a bit slower and easier to predict. I know the slower guy from school, and I blocked every ball of his. (Not hard since I only faced two.)

...so I spent a bit of time off the ground, but not much. We were dropping like flies and we were all out for 60-odd runs. We had tea and then went out to field. As I thought, they started belting us around the ground. Just before drinks - over number 20 - I was given a bowl. Ahh! At last. The one thing I've been waiting for. I love my bowling. I love it. Ooh yah.

...first ball I bowled was a wide.

Cursing, I went back to my mark and tried again. This time, the guy (who had been uneasy all innings, but had stayed in through a combination of sheer luck and some poor fielding) tried to defend it, got an edge, and was caught by a slip scrambling and diving to get it. Ba HA! Next over, that same opening bowler I know from school was sent in to bat. Lovely. So I fired two balls in his direction: the first one did nothing special but the second one came back at me like a bullet. I got my hands to it but it slid right through them. Boyohboy was I pissed. I should have had that.

It didn't matter. I got him next over.

A good friend, batting and bowling partner of mine took the catch - it was pretty tricky, and he's only about 13, but he managed it beautifully. I was genuinely impressed, elated and just plain happy by then - I had his wicket and Alex, who I've been watching with interest, took a great catch. It was about then that I realised the other guy from school wasn't going to bat in the innings. Shiiiit. So that was one out of one, but I would have liked more. Still, what'cha gonna do?

I took another wicket in the next few overs. This time, the ball came back at me slower and out to the side, giving me more time to hold on to it. And I held on to it. By the end of my 4th over I had figures of 3-19, but unfortunately it went downhill after that. Two guys who were just out there for a hit... well, had a hit. Alex dropped two more catches that were set up for him, but they were as tricky as the first.

Despite the fact that people can say that I missed at least 3 wickets from dropped catches, I can say that I was making the batsmen hit the ball up. I was making them make the mistakes. That's all I wanted. Unfortunately, we made mstakes too, but I can't blame Alex - he gave a damn good effort. I can blame myself for dropping the first one, but hey, I had fun today.

...so we lost the match by about 6 wickets. Eh, I don't care. We enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, and it was a welcome break from study.

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