Ochopee, Florida is located between Naples and Miami on the Tamiami Trail (Highway 41). It is located east of Highway 29, which leads north to Immokalee and south to Chokoloskee.

To call Ochopee a small town is being generous.

From 41, as you travel through Ochopee, going west, you will notice only a few buildings. The first is the Ochopee fire department. The second, a little ways down the road, is a general store. The third is the post office. Next to the general store is a gas station, which was featured in the movie Gone Fishin'. Last time I was by there, it was closed... it seems to always be in fairly intermittent operation, as opposed to the Texaco in Carnestown, to the west.

Near the store is a small dirt road which leads north to some fairly nice houses, located on large plots of swamp.

My family has a bizarre connection to Ochopee; about 40 years ago, my mom tried to steal the post office. <Dave Barry>I am NOT making this up.</Dave Barry>. The Ochopee post office is a small building, about 6x6 feet, made of wood. In her (probably) teenage years, she and a friend attempted to load the post office onto a flatbed truck and drive off with it.

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