This is the central theme and slogan of the television commercial for Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins for the Nintendo Game Boy. This commercial was the first time people saw Wario, the symbolic anti-Mario, as the game was hyped before its release in the fall of 1992.

The commercial featured spinning orange concentric circles of varying diameters that were supposed to hypnotize the viewer. Wario's head was in the center of the circles, ordering you to obey him and not help Mario out in the new game. "Greed is good!" he would say, pleading his case as to why it's good to be evil. "Obey Wario - destroy Mario!" Then we'd see a few video clips of the game in action. Then it was back to Wario and his circles for an evil laugh and fade out. All of this in a 30-second commercial.

The hypnotism must have worked, because over ten years later I still remember this commercial.

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