Is Oberlin, Ohio an absurd liberal myth?
Find out in this groundbreaking investigation nodermeet.

What? A get together of noders from Oberlin, Cleveland, other parts of Ohio, and elsewhere.

Where? Oberlin, Ohio, home of Oberlin College. A few noders will be there anyway being college students, and we'd like a few more of you to come visit us for a few days. The general meeting place will be the living room of Harkness House, just south of the center of campus (and building 28 on <>), but please try to let me know by /msg, email, or phone (contact information below) when you'll be getting here so you can find me.

When? On and around October 10, 2004, a Sunday. Arrive on Friday or Saturday, leave late on Sunday or on Monday, but try to be here on Sunday for maximum fun.

Why? Well, there hasn't been a nodermeet in Ohio is awhile and none of us Oberlin noders have ever been to a major one, so I've decided to make my own.

Who? I am the official (dis)organizing guy. interrobang might help out a bit, particularly as regards what he terms "stuff to do," which may include eating, drinking, and bonfires.

Stuff to do? Yeah. Those were interrobang's contributions, but Oberlin also has a great art musuem and lots of performances including rock and other pop music (using pop in a broad sense), classical music, comedy, and theater. There's also a party at Harkness (see below) Friday night, for those who get here early; the theme will be heaven and hell. Anyone wishing to watch the presidential debate instead will find plenty of company too. (And actually, I'm doing both, since the party goes until 1 am.) Less planned activities are also probable.

Who else? Yep, we'd like other people to come. Switching tenses, here are those who did:

  • Two Sheds, interrobang & Dr. Insanium live here.
  • cbustapeck & Scribe will be "arriving together for the nodermeet around 7-8 on Friday" and "leaving on Sunday afternoon."
  • ch'i-lin & Ysardo "are leaving Friday evening, late, and probably won't be in the vicinity until the wee hours of the night (think 2 a.m. at the latest). We will be staying until Monday and head out in the late morning/early afternoon."
  • 00100 will "probably leave Nashville TN around 1300-1330 on that Friday, so arrive in Oberlin sometime between 2200 and 0000."
  • mordel and his non-noder girlfriend "will now be arriving in the early evening of Saturday. Should be there in plenty of time for dinner."
  • eliserh

Also, here are some who wanted to come but weren't be able to make it.

Will noders have somewhere to sleep/eat/node? Yes, but the details of this will be worked out gradually. Oberlin has cooperative housing and dining in addition to traditional dorms and dining halls, so you'll be able to join us in coops (specifically Keep and Harkness) for a meal or two. We don't want to put too much strain on the coops, though, so expect to eat a few meals in restaurants as well. Sleepwise, we (Two Sheds, interrobang, and Dr. Insanium) have dorm room floors, a friend likely has space in her house, and the lounge of Harkness has couches and a floor. (A description of said Harkness can be found at <>.) We strongly advise that you bring a sleeping bag, as floor space will be the most plentiful sleeping commodity. If you want to spend money to sleep there's also the Oberlin Inn.

How can I get to Oberlin? Oberlin is not Ithaca. By this I simply mean that MapQuest and such will most likely give you decent directions, so you may want to use them. There are some official directions at <> as well. We suggest parking in the lot on Willard Court, as there should be space to spare in it. (It's the one in the lower right at <>, near building 13.) Willard Ct. is a tiny road a block long, so having MapQuest direct you to the following location will work. Once you're on the street finding the parking lot should be easy as the street itself is so short.

Willard Ct.
OH 44074

You can walk from there to wherever you plan to meet us. Harkness is the most likely location, and to get there you can walk south on Willard Court to East College Street, then turn right and walk west past storefronts and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music on your left and the lovely Tappan Square on your right. You will then pass Talcott Hall, a stone building with a tower, on your left. The next dormatory on your left is Harkness. (It's the one labeled 28 at <>.)

What if I'm not driving? If you don't have a car, if you can get to Cleveland and to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport you can take the Lorain County Transit bus to Oberlin for two dollars. A bus schedule can be found at <>. You may also want to get in touch with cbustapeck, as he'll be driving from Cleveland to Oberlin early Friday evening.

How can I contact you? Well, you can /msg, but you can also look at <> for more communication methods.

Can I provide assistance/housing/food/money laundering/other aid to this nodermeet? Yes. Please let me know what resources you intend to provide, though.

Why are my obvious questions not answered here? Either they're answered in interrobang's great writeup at Oberlin, Ohio or I just didn't think of them. More information about Oberlin may also be found at <>, except that interrobang's server is down at the moment so it can't. Also please feel free to /msg me and I'll attempt to add answers.

May I heartily endorse this product/event? Sure, but I don't know what point there is if you're not coming. If you feel like providing your endorsement, though, send me a short message and I'll post it here at the bottom of this writeup.

Jurph says re Oberlin: Absurd Liberal Myth? (a nodermeet in Ohio): Dude. Ever since the third HOT DAMN and the thing with the lawnmower and the rockets, nobody above level 5 will go to a meet in Ohio. TWAJS.

Nobody above level 5 came. WTAJS?

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