Nuru is Japanese for "slippery", and boy-howdy, if this ain't it. This full-body sensual massage is performed by two naked people, most often beginning with a female masseuse as giver and a male recipient, though the opposite may be so, and roles may be exchanged during the experience (and plentiful footage exists of the practice being carried out just between two or more women; or two men; or two women and a man; or probably any other variation you can imagine). A nuru massage is an unquestionably sexual activity, and often culminates with intercourse. If you can make it that far, that is. The massage itself is carried out by the giver sliding her entire naked, lubricated body back and forth over the naked body of the receiver, who is usually positioned on an inflatable mattress (probably because this would make too much of a mess to clean up anywhere else). The massaging effect is achieved through the pressure of the giver's body weight and the passage of her curved parts over the receiver's smooth surfaces, or vice versa.

The slipperiness is facilitated by generous application of nuru massage gel, refined from a kind of seaweed called nori. The gel is advertised by its maker (for whatever that's worth) as being all-natural, odorless, tasteless, nontoxic, etc. Naturally, this practice is the subject of its own genre of pornography, which is itself quite slippery to watch.

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