Home to close to four million people, Nuevo León is a northeastern state in México. Its capital city is Monterrey. It is bounded north by the United States, east and southeast by Tamaulipas, south and southwest by San Luis Potosí, and west by Coahuila. The state is crossed by the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, which has an average elevation of 5,000 feet.

The state produces few minerals, but quantities of cotton, citrus fruits, sugarcane, cereals (especially maize and wheat), and vegetables are grown, in part with the aid of irrigation water provided by the international Falcón Dam on the Rio Grande. Nuevo León's principal importance lies in its industries. Its ironworks and steelworks and smelting plants were the first heavy-industrial establishments in Latin America, and the state also supports numerous textile enterprises, a large beer brewery, and other industrial activities. The region was made a state in 1824 and was occupied by American forces during the Mexican-American War (1846-48). A major railroad and highway linking Laredo, Texas, with the Gulf port of Tampico and Mexico City pass through Monterrey, which also possesses an international airport.

Population: (1980) = 2,513,044; (1990) = 3,098,736; (2000) = 3,834,141.

Population provided by www.citypopulation.de

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