(Hinduism, Sanksrit)

This fourth avatara of Vishnu, or Nrisimhadev, is also the fourteenth purusha incarnation. Due to the nature of the sanskrit language the name is sometimes spelled Narasimha (q.v.), Nrisimha, or Nrisinghadeva. He is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam, thus:

"caturdasham narasimham
bibhrad daityendram urjitam
dadara karajair urav
erakam kata-krid yatha

In the fourteenth incarnation, the Lord appeared as Nrisimha and bifurcated the strong body of the atheist Hiranyakashipu with His nails, just as a carpenter pierces cane."

Bhag., Canto 1, Ch. 3, Text 18

"trai-pishtapora-bhaya-ha sa nrisimha-rupam
kritva bhramad-bhrukuti-damshtra-karala-vaktram
daityendram ashu gadayabhipatantam arad
urau nipatya vidadara nakhaih sphurantam

The Personality of Godhead assumed the incarnation of Nrisimhadeva in order to vanquish the great fears of the demigods. He killed the king of the demons [Hiranyakashipu], who challenged the Lord with a club in his hand, by placing the demon on His thighs and piercing him with His nails, rolling His eyebrows in anger and showing his fearful teeth and mouth."

Bhag., Canto 2, Ch. 7, Text 14

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