Actualizing Your Inner Potential in a Dysfunctive Economy Through the Path of Higher Spirituality

How often have you said to yourself, "I wish I could talk to the dead and make big money in real estate while putting that 'spark' back into my marriage using the ancient arts of belly dancing"? Well, think again! People just like you have been learning an exciting new way of interrelatedness and psychic sharing that enables them to escape their "mental prison" and live as a True Creative. These surefire techniques have been guarded for centuries by Indian shamans and glamorous Hollywood stars, but anyone can learn them through the miracle of self-hypnosis as practiced by legendary life strategies expert and author of Writing The Victorian Epistolary Novel and Make Money Without Ever Leaving Your Bathroom, Gary Paikos.

This course will teach you all you need to "shake your bootie" in total confidence within the pulsating walls of the hottest Salsa nightclubs around. You will also learn how to transform the discarded and sweat-stained ball caps worn by hip hop superstars like MC Funk and Too Fly into beautiful and fragrant baskets that will add a touch of gentle elegance to your home. Students are asked to wear colorful, loose-fitting clothing, flat shoes (bare feet OK), sturdy helmets capable of withstanding the crack of an aluminum bat, and also to bring a silk scarf. Materials fee: $2.73.

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