One night, while driving through Portsmouth, New Hampshire, my girlfriend and I were in search of late-night food (the town shuts down at like 10:30), we drove down the "Miracle Mile" as its called... (the only place where there is food). Across the Friendly's sign we noticed an odd phrase: "NOW HIRING LOSERS". Too curious for our own good, we had to stop in to ask.

We pulled in, and whisked inside the establishment. Looking around, we pulled a waitress aside:

"Excuse me, can we speak to a manager really quickly."

A little nervously, she replied: "Um, sure. Just a minute."

We assured her nothing she did was wrong, and off she went to get her boss.

A moment later from behind the counter, a middle-aged lady showed up, dressed in the familiar Friendly's manager outfit:

"Can I help you two?" she replied.

"Yes, we were inquiring about the phrase on your sign... Something to do with hiring losers... Not that we are volunteering as such, but we are curious as to what it was supposed to mean." I responded.

She thought for a minute, and chuckled to herself.

"This happens often. We put up a request for people to close up the restaurant, but the local teenagers oftentimes remove letters on the signs to spell mildly creative things. I applaud their English, but they really ought to leave the signs alone. It should say "Now Hiring Closers."

Perhaps these poets will grow up to heavily contribute to society with their works, but for now, these young masters of the English language decide to graphiti a few signs... I perhaps doubt that Robert Frost got his start this way.

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