Sometimes clinic can be weird.

I am reading another vampires and fae and werewolves are real novel and it's not bad. I think about writing my own but no, don't want to joint the same game.

How about a series where the "talent" is that the person sees the archetype the person is engaging?

Church on Sunday was about the hymn Amazing Grace and how some Unitarian Universalists have a fit about the words soul or spirit or God. The speaker has trouble with the word wretch. "To save a wretch like me." The Unitarian hymnal has an astirix by wretch and says that the singers may substitute soul for wretch. At the same time I've just finished a collection of Jung's writings on nature. Jung thinks the west, particularly the US, has lost connection with Nature, the Earth and values only logic. Therefore our soul is gone and the Earth and Nature are offended. And Jung said we all have all the archetypes (or maybe it was Robert Johnson PhD...). Jung also says that the archetype we hate or fear or reject is sent to the greater unconscious and will then gather strength and rebound to destroy us.

In clinic at the end of the visit I am leaving the room and the patient does a second add on oh by the way. P wants to know if I endorse a certain end of life plan. Well.. I try to be polite. I should have said he needed another visit. But the archetype was right there: hostile, attacking, logical and threatening to switch physicians if I didn't instantly kowtow.

I did not kowtow. I grumpily did some research, called him during lunch, said no, and suggested he see another physician nearby. "He does not take insurance, cash only," I say sweetly. And then did some more research. I actually DO endorse a version of what he is talking about but NOT the one he is discussing. And I truly do not want to be his physician with that pressure oh by the way and I will fire you if you don't do what I say. Yeah. Bye.

What is odd about the whole thing is that I had not researched it before and yet I was quite sure I didn't want anything to do with his version. Also that there were multiple versions. It is very complicated.

If I am going to "see" archetypes, I had better learn not to react.


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