Nov. 4 - More - Nov. 6

All I'll say is that it sucks. I was sitting at the computer doing some work, adjusted a necklace, and one broke on me. It was one with a rainbow of small beads on it, and when it broke, the beads rained down all over the place. Not a chance of fixing it. And I liked it so much...

Today is my sisters birthday party, dropped by but didnt stay. Her actual birthday is on the 7th. She will turn 24 years old. Pouring rain, my car is in the shop. I have been biking around all day, sweater, sweatshirt, scarf, flashlight. Wrote postal letters that I have been putting off. Talked to a new hookup on the phone. Read some letters my mom wrote when she was my age. My new work computer came in. Not using it yet. Two computers on my desk.

Well, that's armageddon.

All the reinstalling in the world still didn't make Win95 work on my faulty computer, so I tried the only thing I could: Install Linux.

It failed. The interrupt handler kept getting killed, or it kept losing interrupts during installation. Help.


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