Thank You OldMiner!

This is just what I needed.

While the recent unavailability of the site worried me as much as everyone else, what had worried me more was the unclear nature of the problem, which I was beginning to think might lead to one of those ugly community rending moments in our history that e2 seems to do so well. OldMiner's timeline and explanation clarifies the situation. I am actually somewhat hopeful that a more stable server situation can be found, and part of that hope stems from the fact that I know people like OldMiner and Cliff care about the site and are working to ensure its continued existence.

With the countless Five-Oh-Nos! I have bumped into this week, I had plenty of time to actually reflect on the value of the site to me. At other times I have spoken about this, but at this particular point in life I find myself relying more than usual on Everything2 to provide the brief glimpses into other people's lives and thoughts. This has become important because I find my fellow everythingians more interesting and less frustrating than my current situation at work. This place is very much a therapeutic outlet, and I realized last night what a loss it would be to me if it were no longer available.

I had originally planned to use today's daylog as an early year in review, so I won't say anything else about our recent troubles, except that I too extend an offer of assistance in whatever way I can.

2011 E2 Year in Review: corvus

At the beginning of 2011 I made the decision to become more involved this year. 2010 was my first time of any real participation in several years outside of checking messages. But for this year, I set out several goals and placed them on my home node. They were:

  1. Edit 5 existing nodes to improve them.
  2. Create 20 additional nodes.
  3. Fill 5 old nodeshells that are currently empty.
  4. Participate in at least two Quests.
  5. Join some user groups.
  6. Make an honest attempt at attending a nodermeet.

I believed these to be ambitious goals considering my situation and the difficulty with which I translate thoughts to digital media. But I remained active throughout the year (for me, at least, although anyone frequenting the catbox probably never noticed). Running the numbers on my 2011 output, I come up with the following (which obviously excludes this node):

  • Total number of writeups this year = 24
  • Total number of C!'s received on those writeups = 28
  • Combined reputation for those writeups = 470 (assuming my math is correct)
  • Average reputation for those writeups = 19.58 (ditto)

Those are numbers I am very happy with, especially the first one, since I didn't really believe I would get to 20, much less exceed it. And as for the Resolutions, well, mixed results, but generally good. I have removed them from my homenode and copied them here.
My 2011 Everything2 New Year's Resolutions (progress last updated November 29, 2011):

  1. Edit 5 existing nodes to improve them ( Did not achieve!).
    1. Fixed PRE in The Strange Career of Jim Crow
    2. Fixed PRE in How to be a better amateur astronomer
  2. Create 20 additional nodes ( Achieved!).
    1. January 1, 2011
    2. Predators
    3. January 19, 2011
    4. February 8, 2011
    5. How to plant a tree
    6. Tachnechdorus
    7. terrarium
    8. April 22, 2011
    9. May 1, 2011
    10. May 6, 2011
    11. EDC
    12. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
    13. The Virginia Gazette
    14. August 15, 2011
    15. August 26, 2011
    16. September 8, 2011
    17. 2011 Garden Results
    18. October 18, 2011
    19. October 19, 2011
    20. Lust for a Vampire
    21. November 3, 2011
    22. nude beach
    23. November 14, 2011
    24. Rebel Charge at Chickamauga
  3. Fill 5 old nodeshells that are currently empty ( Did not achieve!).
    1. Recreated Tachnechdorus
  4. Participate in at least two Quests ( Achieved!).
  5. Join some user groups ( Achieved!).
  6. Make an honest attempt at attending a nodermeet ( Did not achieve!, but did participate in Secret Santa this year).

Generally, I think it was a good year. The user groups do not seem as active as I expected, but maybe that will change in time. I'm not sure how aware many of the newer users are that those are still around. The quests continue to entertain me and I appreciate all the effort that goes into those. I didn't make any nodermeets, but to be fair the closest one was still about eight hours away. This has led me to start sending out feelers about possibly hosting one here in North Alabama, USA this coming spring or summer. If there is a high enough interest level I may put one together. Please /msg me if you're interested in attending one here in the Deep South, and include your preference for staying indoors versus camping!  Finally, I continue to send out postcards and letters, if you would like to be added to my mailing list send me your address.

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