Happy Thanksgiving for all of those who celebrate it. Hope you have lots of good company and plenty to eat.

Apparently a giant snowstorm in the Colorado area caused a lot of grief with the travel industry. They got almost a foot of snow in parts of Loveland and Fort Collins. My youngest daughter had to go shopping for dinner yesterday before the stores closed for the holiday.

Even though I live alone I decided to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal. I figure I won't waste the food since I eat one huge meal a day. I have an absurdly large pressure cooker akin to the Instant Pot so I will be cooking a 15lb/6.8kg turkey in the 13qt/12.3l kitchen appliance. Stuffing, veggies...the works. I plan to even make some Turkey Soup with the carcass. I may post some recipes if I have the time.

We're almost to the end of the Iron Noder challenge. I hope you can join me in the The Hall of the Iron, or at least the Vestibule of Tin.

Enjoy your Thursday, hope all goes well for you and yours today.

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