Still homeless, though I now live in a motel.

In terms of major/minor updates, Christ Church has decided to apologize, in the form of having had me bear the Oblation to the Altar on All Souls, in place of the usual guy (which is quite an honor, usually given to visiting priests and other bigwigs). My health is good, though I'm getting pretty tired of eating only microwavable/cold/takeout food.

I wonder about when/if I'll get someplace to live. Problem is, the City of New Haven is on a Cool Cities Initiative kick, which means I'd have a much better chance if I were a bit younger and a Bobo, instead of the freewheeling (bo)hiemian I am. Meanwhile, I keep on keeping on with craigslist and do as much odd writing as I can on legal pads. Read The Ancestor's Tale, liked it, though I can't say much about someone who announces that various "trades" (species) will each have their say, then switches over to tell us that none of these will be first person singular, then switches over to "Well, maybe if I make just one exception...." I found the initial stages of the journey dull, the last parts excellent. I'd like to do some more drawing, maybe I will....

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