Since my November 11, 2016 things have changed for me here. I wrote sharing how hard it was for someone with my depression issues to be back here after 13 years gone. Seeing so many nodes saying "6 years ago" or "9 years ago" at every turn.

I'm so glad I shared this because I received so many helpful messages. A few shared that you can turn that off in advanced settings so you don't have to see those. Another shared with me that many have changed names and haven't in-fact been gone "6 years" - I have no idea why that never crossed my mind! In addition someone else shared that she had contact info on a number of the noders gone now. I requested that they connect me with the person I missed the most from here, within the hour that person C!'d one of my WUs. I was so, so happy to have him back in my life again :)

So being here and reading the nodes isn't so hard or depressing anymore :)

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