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<Roninspoon> Oh, hey. E2 is backup.
<haze> word
<kmcardle> heh. I bet it is temporary
<WickerNipple> please please please be back up so we never have to hear about it again. :)
<kmcardle> heh
<haze> nope
<Roninspoon> You'll have to refresh out of cache haze
<Roninspoon> Try holding down shift or ctrl while refreshing
<haze> Did that.
<kmcardle> ALT+F4
<Roninspoon> Huh.
<Roninspoon> It's working for me.
<Roninspoon> Maybe you have to quit IRC first
<haze> godlike powers, I gues
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<Roninspoon> Oh wait. I'm totally a liar
<WickerNipple> looks like it
<Roninspoon> I should have thought of that days ago
* haze has joined #everything
<haze> Ed just did that to get us to sign off
<Roninspoon> No that's not true.
<WickerNipple> but ya came back...
<Roninspoon> It's totally working for me, but your IRC client is conflicting with the mySQL database set they use in the E2 tcp/ip stack
<Roninspoon> Try it again
<Roninspoon> It'll work this time.
<Roninspoon> It won't work if you're on AOL or DSL.
<kmcardle> I rebooted windows and it's working just fine for me
<haze> I'm on dsl. That matters?
<WickerNipple> don't you mean reinstall?
<cethiesus> im using chatzilla and i had to reboot
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<Roninspoon> Oh yeah, DSL totally matters. It uses an incompatable OSI layer than the new setup in michigan
<WickerNipple> hahaha
<cethiesus> ahahaha
<Roninspoon> HAH!
<cethiesus> SCORE
<Roninspoon> This has completly salvaged my day
<WickerNipple> oh man.
<kmcardle> nah, he's gotta be joking
<Roninspoon> You can't tell, but I'm laughing out loud
<ouroboros> not only you
<WickerNipple> poor guy
<Roninspoon> He's a lawyer, he has thick skin
<WickerNipple> oh i wasn't actually worried. :)
<Roninspoon> Oh wow, I'm actually crying.
<ouroboros> cruel, man
* haze has joined #everything
<Roninspoon> No luck?
<haze> Nope
<Roninspoon> Huh.
<haze> I'll try again from my home office. It's cable. Yummy
<Roninspoon> Yeah, that'll probably work.
<haze> That's a 15 minute drive, which I will commence in 15 minutes or so
<haze> Is Las Vegas in mountain time (he says, too lazy to look it up)
<cethiesus> drive slow so the DNS register has time to adequately propogate away from the DSL
<Roninspoon> Na, Pacific
<Roninspoon> Maybe that's why you can't get to E2, the time zones may not have all synchronized yet
<haze> Another reason to hate Qwest. Not that I don't have a million already
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<cletus> Time zones, synchronizing?
<Roninspoon> I'll likely go to hell for that, but I feel no regret
cletus flees into the night
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