Hard to believe that I have been on E2 for fifteen years!!


I don't even remember how I came across it but I was so seduced by this mish mosh of writings that was like nothing I had seen before, like wikipedia with a pulse. I quickly discovered my favorite type of write up, the factual writeup with a personal bent and almost adopted "Everything2 is not Wikipedia" as my motto. 

My first writeup was well received and I got such friendly encouragement from Montecarlo, JasonM, Dem Bones, dannye that I was immediately hooked. For a while I was focused on just getting to the point where I could cool writeups as there was so much writing that I wanted to celebrate, starting with this marvelous little wu by iceowl. I know I gamed the system a bit by adding an entire book but a book I loved by my first favorite writer. Then I just ended up ensconced in this marvelously obscure corner of the Internet. It has served as an outlet for my meager attempts at fiction, depository of the content I have mined as I fell into various Internet rabbit holes and even has served as a cathartic sounding board for difficult moments in my life, an anonymous place where I could unburden myself of things I could not really talk about elsewhere.


Thank you E2! and happy 20th

Went out with my brothers today. Being around them kind of disturbs me but not in a bad way. I'm just struck by the difference in conversation. It's nothing that I can put my finger on but there is a certain ebb and flow combined with a mixture of related senses of humor and interest in the same topics that feels really different from conversations I have with other people. That may just be how talking to people you know well is in general but I wonder. On the occasions that we've been around others they tend to clam up. I try to get them into the conversation and it just doesn't work.

I feel like I should throw out that I and most of the people in my family are either INTJs or INTPs in the MBTI which will either be very telling or alphabet soup depending on your familiarity. Either way our conversation are usually heady and fast paced in a way that I've almost never encountered elsewhere. I've noticed that it's a common failing of most insular groups to think they're exceptional so I'm reticent about drawing any conclusions bigger than people you know well seem like better conversationalists but it always bugs me when I have other conversations in the break room at work and they just feel ... soulless, empty, lacking ... I'll go with lacking.

On a related note I bought a pound of chocolate covered peanuts at a Sprouts Farmers Market during our outing and between the three of us they're mostly gone. I've always considered chocolate wrapped around a peanut to be a middling candy combo (not bad but not exceptional) but lately it's grown on me. I especially liked that this wasn't super sweet chocolate, like say Hershey.


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