Writing this because I want to keep my streak going even though I am super tired and kind of crabby. I need to get more sleep. I hardly slept at all last night and couldn't fall asleep when I tried to take a nap today. Last night I had finished writing my blog post, but today I thought of some changes so I got up to work on that. I'm finished and it feels good to write something that I'm proud of for putting out there. When a blog post makes me cry it's cleansing so even though I cut a lot of the really personal parts out I'm still mostly satisfied with the finished product and I hope others are able to learn from it. Baseball has a scouting system where they grade tools and I'm trying to put together a similar system for footwear so I'm using language that people are familiar with and can easily understand.

A couple categories I can think of are basics like length, width, height, and depth, but then there are finer details like creasing, and durability. The other day someone asked me what I thought about a pair of Reeboks that someone on Twitter was promoting as supportive. It was a chance to grade footwear and despite being on the spot I was able to give a concise definition of what I thought. Today I also openly graded a prospect's footwear and posted that on my blog as I want people to hear that this is an issue that needs to be addressed. I want people to take footwear fit more seriously and I put a lot of effort into crafting a post that I hope will be well received.

Last night my daughter made an Egyptian dish that turned out better than I thought that it would after we burnt a batch of onions. It was fun cooking with her, but also extremely stressful. I thought it was a good opportunity for her to get a taste of what you need to be aware of when you're preparing a dish that is more complicated than the things she's used to making like rice and pasta. Her teacher printed a copy of the recipe for her to take home and one of the things I really like about my daughter's teacher is the little things like her searching for a variation that didn't include eight different spices that we were supposed to grind and combine.

Whenever I'm tired I'm more easily hurt and offended, my patience has been tried many times today and I know that this is on me instead of others. A neighbor gave me another neighbor's number and I'm so excited to be going in for a massage. The therapist sounds really nice and I'm hoping she will be able to help me with some of my pain. I would like to write another list, but I'm going to skip it and head to bed instead. I feel pretty pathetic for turning in at this hour, but I desparately need to get some sleep and it's easier when the house is quiet. We have a lot going on this weekend so I'm praying that I am better rested before then.

Take care,


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