"Condemn me. It does not matter. History will absolve me." — Oct. 16, 1953, at his trial for rebel attack that launched Cuban Revolution.


In the heart of Miami, ten-thousand Cubans

took to the street in celebration.


The city headliners write about his complicated legacy

while Kaepernick gets booed at the Hard Rock stadium.


Meanwhile, wide-eyed American college students

talk about his status as a liberation icon.


Who could have known that after the revolution

he would set up a private marina in the Bay of Pigs

to house his 88-foot yacht built with wood from Angola.


Or his private basketball court where it’s reported

he's never lost a game, likely not due to skill.


In his hospital he pays two men to live there

permanently because they share his blood type.


An old legend says that there are no dogs or cats

left in Cuba because they were all eaten by hungry citizens.


Last year Castro flew in a team of veterinarians

to perform a life-saving spinal surgery on his dog Spinee.

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