Listen up. This is somewhat like the Darwin Awards for stupidity, but it is a personal account. My friend is a bit of a...well, he's an idiot. This is why he went to jail. Our fraternity house is located in boston near a highway called Storrow Drive. It's quite a busy road and is often the target of minor pranks, such as water balloon launching and the like.

My friend Ryan thought it would be a great idea to throw onto Storrow an old, rusted-out bicycle frame that he had found in a parking lot nearby. It was about 11 pm on a dry and chilly friday night when this jackass tossed a large metal object onto a busy highway and watched as a Toyota Camry ran over it. But, the fun didn't stop there. Rather than just running over the bloody thing, the Camry dragged the frame about one hundred feet underneath it causing a constant stream of sparks from underneath the body of the small automobile. Ryan found this very amusing to say the least.

Of course, as the story usually goes with Ryan, the police arrived and shut down the highway for a couple of hours while they questioned numerous people about the bike frame and its curious position on a major road. Ryan, arguably not the sharpest tool in the shed, decided to stick around and see what happened with the whole deal. Much to his disappointment, there were witnesses to the event who identified him, and he was subsequently arrested. This I find hilarious. He stuck around the scene of the crime! He could have been anywhere else at that moment and he would have been fine. So he went to jail for a few nights and was slapped in the face with a court order. He will probably have to pay a hefty fine and do some community service just because he wanted to watch his own handywork.

The moral of the story? Always run away.

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