A small town in southern Minnesota, which is called home by approximatly 15,000 souls (actually 14,999 now that i've moved away.) Ironically called Northfield because it was founded by John North.

Fun Fact: When it was first founded no bars were allowed within town limits because of Mr. Norths religious beliefs. This however helped Dundas (a town seldom bothered with on maps) which was 5 miles away to prosper... at least as far as liqour sales go.

Northfield gained noterity by defeating the Jesse James gang, which had come to Northfield to rob the bank. Every year this tiny town is assalted with hundreds of tourists, who for some reason get off on celebrating the defeat of a gang (who wasn't robbing THEIR town), and buying truck-loads of homemade crafts.

today Northfield has managed to hold on to the quaint feeling, probably because many of the old buildings still remain on the little stretch of down town.

Fun Fact: Northfield was the location of a Daytons Christmas commercial as well as scenes from Mighty Ducks 3 (we could have done with out that one)

Despite it's small town status two highly regarded colleges can be found in Northfied: St. Olaf College and Carlton College. Many of their students are thankful that several bars have sprung up over the years.

Though you will (constantly) hear the younger residents complain about how little there is to do in Northfield it has its perks. There aren't many safer places to live (example: i used to walk 2-3 miles across town at 1am without fear.) It has several great coffee shops (due to the college students) which refreshingly aren't corporate owned. And a unique feeling of home and community... at least to this home-sick girl.

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