North Bound I-24

The Adderal and the caffeine make
it better. I pop a pill every three hours
and then correct my steering quickly.
The 18 wheels next to me look the same
as the 18 wheels behind me and
these guys do this for a living. me. I just
try and get back to a dirty basement
and a blank pc screen
I’ve composed six pieces in the last ten
minutes. Recreational drug use helps
the creative process, that’s the line
I sell. The last piece I pinned down in
my head had a hooker
and an insurance salesman and
a pissed off politician. It was a hell of a poem I think,
and now it is gone forever. I masturbated
the words
while the wheels rolled on
and I’m left with transparent white goo
instead of a five book deal. shit.
driving jacked up hiding behind
the headphones I accomplished everything.
“Babe…I got so much shit done last night.”
“good” she says and smiles on
knowing that without a pc a pen a piece of paper
I accomplished nothing. She doesn’t respect
the white goo as I do.

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