The North American Man-Fetus Love Association (or NAMFLA, for short) is a secret organization believing itself to be a natural counterpart of NAMBLA (wherein the "B" is for "Boy") which is restricted in interest to fetophilia (foetofilia in the UK) a practice much like pedophilia except that it describes persons who desire to have sexual relations with a fetus. Like the pedophiles who populate NAMBLA, the most dedicated fetophiles of NAMFLA distribute literature to one another (and anyone else) claiming this to be a completely normal, natural, and even healthy desire, and one that is equally healthy for the fetus (in a relationship which the fetophiles describe as being between the adult "lover" and the fetal "beloved") -- except that the fetophiles simply can't figure out exactly how to fulfill this desire, on account of the fetus still being in a womb and all.

Another concern for fetophiles is the need to distinguish between male and female fetuses. As one anonymous dues-paying NAMFLA member put it, "I'm only attracted to male fetuses, but really I can't tell which is which. I mean, I look at a pregnant woman, and have no way to tell whether I'd be interested in her fetus without maybe breaking into her medical records or something. So it'd be great if someone could gimme some pointers on that." Naturally, once the mother gives birth, the former object of the fetophile's affection ceases to actually be a "fetus" and so the fetophile immediately loses their carnal interest in it, as if they'd just been thrust into a cold shower.

Through the North American Man-Fetus Love Association, fetophiles have sought to petition the government to legalise man-fetus love, and to help them develop the technology which will allow them to have "healthy, normal, natural" sex with fetuses. Until then, hardcore fetophiles will just have to continue having sex with heavily pregnant women, in the hopes that they can at least have some incidental sex contact with her fetus.

Government officials, meanwhile, have shockingly expressed no concern over the vast quantities of "fetal porn" on the Internet. As another anonymous NAMFLA member has exclaimed, "how can we resist temptation when just a quick Google image search brings up countless images of completely nude fetuses?" Fetophiles have even been known to spontaneously ejaculate and faint with pleasure when mistaking an umbilical cord for a gigantic fetal dong. On the other hand, at least half the pictures which come up in a typical fetal image search are gross, supposedly aborted, fetuses posted by Christian groups, which are obviously composed of anti-fetophiliacs seeking to hamstring the pleasure of fetophiles. As yet another anonymous NAMFLA member, described it, "yeah, it's really discouraging looking for good fetus and seeing all that nasty bloody abortion crap. Well, except for our subchapter of necrofetophiles -- that stuff really turns them on, the sick bastards."


Disclaimer: This is only a parody. If the North American Man-Boy Love Association should wish to sue me over this.... well, good luck with that!!

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