A little Japanese restaurant in Berkeley, CA, in the 2500 block of Telegraph Avenue. Norikonoko is aimed at the local Japanese community, as evidenced by their logo: instead of the usual Japonoiserie, it's a cute little bear. The inside is all dark wood and miniatures--little porcelain kittens and such. A rack of the newest issues of JUMP! and Japanese women's magazines are further clues. The food served here is homestyle Japanese food. It's definitely NOT a sushi bar; instead, this is the hearty fare eating in the Japanese countryside. Lots of noodles and such dishes. It should be a good place to eat in chilly weather, I think. The prices are about usual for a Japanese restaurant, which is to say substantially more than fast food, but still less than a fancy restaurant. If you don't speak Japanese, you may expect to be the only person in the place who doesn't, but that's okay. Recommended, for real Japanese dining.

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