Danish: "øf! øf!" (Courtesy of skongshoj)

Dutch: "knor knor" (Courtesy of BurningTongues)

English: "oink-oink"

Finnish: "röh röh"

French: "groin-groin"

German: "Grunz, grunz" (Courtesy of gwenllian)

Hebrew: (Undone will have us note that there is no such thing as a good Hebrew pig for kosher reasons.)

Hungarian: "röf-röf" (Courtesy of ba)

Japanese: "bu-bu"

Norwegian: "Nøff nøff" (Courtesy of Sverre)

Portuguese: "óinc óinc" (Courtesy of e-anorexia.)

Spanish: "oink! oink!"(Courtesy of koala)

Swedish: "nöff nöff" (Courtesy of rollo)

please /msg p_i with further contributions to this (or other aspects to noises animals make in different languages), assuredly the best use yet found for the global forum that is the Internet.

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