If you find an egregiously rude or useless nodeshell that you think should be deleted, please add a writeup below. Please note that a rude nodeshell is (probably intentionally) offensive, while a useless nodeshell is one that is misspelled, redundant, or grammatically incorrect. Other nodeshells can be left if they are not hurting anyone. For more information see E2 FAQ: Nodeshells.

Format your writeup with the nodeshell titles hard linked, in a list separated by line breaks only. For years this space used to say put them in a bulleted list but that is not necessary and in some browsers it's actually an inconvenience. If you really feel that commentary is necessary, please keep the nodeshell list as a separate thing and put your commentary before or after the list. Submitting nodeshells that you created yourself for removal, of course, needs no comments.

This is actually a merge request, I'm not sure where to put these anymore:

I just discovered them through softlinks. Redundant titles for something that probably doesn't need to appear so many times. There may be others.

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